By Popular Demand

Back in April, I decided that it would be in everyone’s best interest (especially yours) to unleash my unsolicited observations on the world.  Over the next two months I composed post after post of cynical, whining, rambling nonsense.  Kind of like Jerry Seinfeld, only with one-tenth the humor (however, I figure I’m good for at least half of the Jewish marketability…Shalom, folks).

However, a few short weeks after it started…the posts stopped.  What happened?  Writer’s block?  Too busy?  Perfect Strangers Season 1 on DVD?  Unfortunately, no (although that last one would have been awesome…I can’t get enough of that Balki).  I simply got lazy.  Well, I didn’t actually get lazy.  According to my insurance company, my “pre-existing condition” manifested itself, meaning it wasn’t covered.  Thanks a lot, Obama.

So why am I starting back now?  That’s a bit of a long story.  And by “long”, I mean “short”.  I recently attended a Christmas party at which I was the subject of quite a bit of laughter, nearly all at my expense.  Whatever, I’m here to entertain (albeit, in the “put a suit on a chimp and watch him dance” kind of way).  At this party, I received requests from not one, but TWO whole people to resume my blogging responsibilities.  And if there’s one thing we all know, two people officially constitutes “throngs of adoring fans”.

So people, I’m back.  Back in all my crotchety, juvenile glory.  Tell your friends, and if you’re good, I may even post a shirtless picture of myself.  Some guys rock the six-pack, I rock the keg.

There, try to sleep now.



2 Responses to “By Popular Demand”

  1. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! this just made my night. Will you write a rant about friends that lust after their friends’ husbands?

  2. yesssssssssssssss! merry christmas to me!

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