Mugshot of the Week: 5/22/09

My brother got a tattoo his freshman year of college.  It’s a small, black cross between his shoulder blades.  He had it almost a solid year before our Mom found out about it.  His response to Mom’s vocal displeasure was “hey, at least it’s a cross!”  Mom’s response was “I love Jesus too, but that doesn’t mean I needed a tattoo to prove it!”  Perhaps she would have reacted differently if he had come home with the following ink:

Nothing says “I love you, Mom” like some fancy black script across the throat.  Just look at the attention to detail the tattoo artist employed to center the “O” perfectly around the Adam’s apple.  I can only assume that this photo is proudly framed above the fireplace in his parents’ home.  I am suddenly feeling like a bit of an inadequate son.

The rest of this week’s Mugshot Roundup from can be found ratcheer.



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