Why I Watch NASCAR

Despite growing up in Georgia, I didn’t always watch NASCAR.  I guess I didn’t want to feed into the stereotype.  Same reason I don’t chew tobacco.  I love sweet tea and I speak with a very heavy twang, but I gotta draw the line somehwere (my wife and I are NOT related…promise).  I only became a NASCAR devotee about 4 or 5 years ago, but I’ve become a full-blooded Dale Jr. fan since then.  I know he isn’t the best driver on the track, but he’s one of the last throwbacks to the good old days of “get out of my way or I’ll put you into the wall” hardcore racing.  These days I live in Indiana, which is a hotbed of racing, but everybody in the Hoosier state is more interested in Indy car.  I don’t like Indy (or Formula 1) because there is very little passing.  If I want to watch a group of vehicles drive in a single-file line at 200 mph, I’ll just DVR the Macy’s parade and watch it in fast-forward.  I have people ask me from time to time “how can you watch NASCAR?”  Today, I was reminded.

Talladega.  It’s the biggest, fastest track on the circuit, and every race there has at least one giant wreck.  This one was no different, but the best wreck of the day was on the final lap and only involved two cars.  Carl Edwards, the leader, got spun out on the final lap.  He then proceded to hit the windshield of the third place car with his tire, before spinning upside-down and  airborne into the fence.  We’re not finished yet, hang with me for a second.  After his flaming shell of a car skidded to a stop about 200 yards short of the start/finish, Edwards proceeded to climb out and run across the finish line on foot.  Ladies and Gentleman, Carl Edwards is officially my second-favorite driver of all time.  He could have secured the top spot if he had just done his trademark backflip off the wreckage that was his car.

Video?  You bet.

If you are wondering why I watch NASCAR…THAT is why I watch.  Now where’s my spitoon…



2 Responses to “Why I Watch NASCAR”

  1. Big Dave Says:

    Good read and good video. This was my first chance to see it.

  2. You failed to mention that you were watching all of this take place while drinking a beer and smoking a cigar. These are important details!

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