Weekly Affirmation

We all have bad days.  Sometimes those bad days stretch into bad weeks.  If you find yourself at the end of a particularly stressful week, and you’re feeling down about yourself, there is hope.  There is assurance that no matter how down you are, somewhere out there is somebody whom you can look at and think to yourself “you know, my life isn’t that bad!”  This weekly affirmation comes every Friday in the form of The Weekly Mugshot Roundup at thesmokinggun.com, and it is without a doubt the unquestioned highlight of my week.

Every week, the masses are treated to a virtual museum of bad tatoos, ironic T-shirts, funny facial expressions, and crippling failure.  Pictures are worth 1,000 words, so nothing further is needed from me.  I implore you to click the link.  Now.  Hey, it’s cheaper than therapy.



One Response to “Weekly Affirmation”

  1. […] of the Week: 5/8/09 In an earlier post, I mentioned my fondness for the Weekly Mugshot Roundup from The Smoking Gun website that is posted […]

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