Name That Tune (in four chords or less)

I never listen to the radio anymore.  Between my iPod and sports talk radio, there’s more than enough audio in my arsenal to replace any form of conscious thought.  Whenever I’m asked the question “have you heard the latest [insert generic song] by [insert generic band]?”, my response is always “nah, I don’t really listen to the stuff that’s on the radio now”.  The inevitable follow-up question that accompanies the rolling eyes of my unfortunate conversational partner is always “why?”  My answer to that question has always been that if you like one song, you like them all, and if you don’t like one song, you don’t like any of them.  Everything sounds the same.  You’ve heard this before; it’s the classic holier-than-thou mantra of the undiscovered musician (guilty as charged).  It seems that all you need to get on the radio these days are a few chords, a minimal amount of talent, and a reeeeaallly good contact in the music business…preferably someone of whom you posess comprimising photographs.

I always held the notion that this was a relatively recent phenomenon until I stumbled on this little gem from YouTube.  The group is called Axis of Awesome, and yes, they are.

Entertaining?  Yes.  Disturbing?  Well, that may be a little strong, but it definitely makes you wonder how easily we are entertained.  Well, I’ve got to cut this entry a little short…I’m off to write some clever lyrics.  The music has already been written for me.



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