The Greatest Television Show in the History of Mankind

If you have TruTV on cable or dish, and you’re not watching “Bait Car”, then you are missing out on the greatest entertainment achievement by humans in recorded history.  If this show ever airs on a 24-hour continuous loop, I may very well quit my job.  If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a “bait car”, let me educate you.  Basically, a bait car is a car rigged with a hidden camera, GPS tracker, and a device that allows police to shut the car down remotely.  The police leave the car out in the open unlocked with the keys inside.  Then they just sit back and wait for some dumb sap to come along and steal it, at which time they shut the car down, surround it and haul the moron off to jail.  To top it all, somebody (correctly) thought it would make a great TV show.  Think of it as Dateline’s “To Catch A Predator” without all the creepiness.

When I watch this show, I am positively giddy.  I have my DVR set to record every episode (Monday night, 8:00 on TruTV), and I watch them all multiple times.  The best part is watching the thieves on the hidden camera run the gamut of emotions from the euphoria of thinking they got away with it, to slack-jawed confusion when the car shuts down, to the slumped-shoulder realization of “maybe I should have just gotten a job” when they’re staring at blue lights and five guns pointed at them.  I’ve never seen a tape of myself watching this show, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see myself jumping up and down on the couch and giggling.  My wife asked the question “Is this really the best use of our tax money?”  I responded that I would voluntarily pay extra taxes if I knew the money was going to fund this program.

Just tell me where to send the check.



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